401 E. Fireweed Lane

Anchorage AK 99503



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About Our Clinic & Coaches

Born and raised here in Alaska as the son of a chiropractor, Dylan has grown up with the belief that health is far more than the food put into the mouth, or the number of hours logged at the gym. As a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, he has been working with clients to achieve their health goals for the better part of the last decade and greatly enjoys helping them through the struggles they face in all areas of their lives. Upon finding Ideal Protein, Dylan himself lost 50 pounds, and has been passionate about the program because of its innumerable success stories. In his spare time, he can be found logging quality time with his wife and two children, or refereeing basketball for Anchorage schools.
Our practice name, You First, comes from the belief that putting yourself first sometimes is not only not-selfish, but often necessary and for the greatest good of everyone involved. Being one of the first providers to offer Ideal Protein in the state of Alaska, our practice has helped hundreds of patients shed their excess weight and maintain that loss through lifestyle modification. You First has utilized the Ideal Protein Protocol since 2010, helping our clients achieve amazing results in weight loss and health improvement.  Come see us at our new location at 401 E. Fireweed, at the intersection of Fireweed and Denali.
Dylan Webb, CHHC

Health Coach/CEO

Certified Holistic Health Coach